The Final Funktier CD…

This is my third CD project and the idea for the name came from “Star Trek” going where no funk artist has gone before
this has the Funk and Soul but combined with my spiritual beliefs with my love for Sci Fi and Mythology . A concept project with a underlying positive
message if you truly a believer of what Funk really means …Can You feel it ?

The Prince of Funkness

About “The Unk”

Brian “UnKle Funk” Poe has been playing music since he was very young, starting with organ, but after hearing Ernie Isley playing “Summer Breeze”, it was the guitar that he wanted to play. Brian considers himself a “Funk” and “R&B” guitarist, but weaves different styles into his music , such as, jazz and fusion, and occasionally, hard rock and metal.  Brian took lessons from noted guitar instructor and fusion guitarist Derryl Gabel, which took his playing to the next level. Brian Poe’s sound touches upon different levels of funk, from drop dead James Brown funk, to futuristic spaced out funk fusion and everything in between.  As a local artist, he has played with some of the best in the North Florida area.  “The UnK” also writes original music for himself and for other independent artists.

Brian has appeared on many local artists albums and has helped co-produce their music. Brian has his own recording studio that will ensure the fact that he takes music very seriously and keeps it close to his heart . Although Brian has played music for a long time, he is embarking upon a new venture to present his skills to the “Industry” and make them aware of his talent.  So, without further ado, Brian “Unkle Funk” Poe presents to you:


  Much love from “The UnK”

CD is being reconstructed but will be available soon!

“Believe in the music and the music will believe in you.”


~Brian “UnKle Funk” Poe

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